We champion black-owned brands by collaborating to develop brandstories of substance and style, then we activate that story in three ways that get you out of your own way, in your bag, and manifesting influence in your industry!

Here’s how we help you master your marketing message:

OverProject 21.png

We write for print, digital, & the web activations with messages that make $$$ and impact.

  • Website Copy

  • Digital App Copy

  • Email Funnels:Opt-in/Welcome/Sales

  • Print Marketing & Ad Copy

  • Push Notifications/ Product Descriptions/ Social Media Captions

  • Blogs/ Digital Newsletters

  • Speeches/ Resumes/Bios

  • Media Kits/ One Pagers

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We emphasize that your brand be more than a pretty face, so we develop everything From your Ethos to your Elevator pitch to make your brand a brickhouse:

  • Brand Story Development

  • Multi-Platform Content Audit

  • Logo Design

  • Print-ready & Virtual Business Card

  • Audience/Market Research

  • Evergreen Content Planning

  • Content Story Map


Six-month Sticky Storytelling group coaching that helps you :

  • Understand your marketing metrics and how they translate into your best performing content

  • create monthly content that your audience craves

  • Translate your ideas into beefy content that makes you money

  • Reclaim time, resources and energy with resources, accountability, masterminding, and proven techniques.

Need a SAME-DAY Action Plan to get you from WHAT’s NEXT to DONE? Schedule a PICK MY FRO consultation and let’s map it out together.